Everything started in autumn of 2006 when I entered the first year at the 3rd Faculty od Medicine of the Charles University. With the good company of the 6/16 study group we made the first steps on a distressful pathway of medical studies. Because I am an addicted photographer, it was just the matter of time that determined the moment of my entering the premises of a university with a camera in my hand. Thanks to understanding of our lectors it became possible to start creating a secret photogallery of our group. This gallery became admitted to public on 3rd February 2007. It introduces you my classmates:

Where does the name "Oves Baci" come from? It is a Latin garble of "Báča´s sheep". This name of our group came into light on the basis of name of your anatomy lector Václav Báča, M.D. during the get-acquainted party held in Dobronice. From "Báča" it is close to Slovakian word "bača" ("shepherd" in English), that´s all. After that, Adéla Bouchalová just drew our group mascot and with a little help from computer our group sign was ready. But I´m sure you are already curious about the photographies. All you have to do is to click on one of the links below.

For those not interested in photographies only there are movies from my colleague Tomáš Tajč (www.tajc.net). You can watch them on youtube.com or download them with better quality here.

"The blood collectors "

Short movie capturing nursing practises and other aspects of live at the faculty of medicine - this time in oldschool style.

(3 min 36 s; 640 x 480 px; 25 fps; 47,8 MB)

"Infusion thriller "

...just short-time horror movie from the nursing practise - lead Terka Paurová.

(1 min 11 s; 640 x 480 px; 25 fps; 15,3 MB)

"Ekologická exkurze" ("Ecological excursion")

Abnormality in the live of medical student - ecological excursion into Český kras.

(2 min 55 s; 640 x 480 px; 25 fps; 27,3 MB)

"Život ovečky" ("Live of the sheep")

Another movie from the first year capturing the summer half.

(4 min 39 s; 640 x 480 px; 25 fps; 63,8 MB)

"Medicopter 6/16"

...just one dramatic situation during the practise of first aid.

(1 min 6 s; 640 x 480 px; 25 fps; 7,37 MB)

"Život na tři"("Live at three")

First video capturing start of the first year at the 3rd Faculty od Medicine of the Charles University.

(3 min 37 s; 640 x 480 px; 25 fps; 46,7 MB)

Copyright Martin Holek (www.martinholek.com) and Tomáš Tajč (www.tajc.net)